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Advanced Primary Care does not prescribe controlled substances for long-term use. You will need to see another physician, preferably a specialist in pain medicine or psychiatry, to receive controlled substances. We do not carry pain medications or controlled substances in our clinic. 

We use the Direct Primary Care model because it returns healthcare to the heart of medicine. It removes the back and forth that happens with your insurance carrier, restores the doctor-patient relationship, and eliminates short, rushed appointments. Direct primary care also allows Dr. McCoy to take the time to talk through your concerns during each appointment in a calm, stress-free environment. 


"Modern Medicine, The Old-Fashioned Way"


At Advanced Primary Care, we are committed to providing outstanding patient care, without billing insurance or inflating lab costs. Your monthly membership includes a wide range of medical services, without any copays or additional fees. We also work incredibly hard to obtain affordable pricing for services that need to be handled outside our office. We share these wholesale prices with our patients, so that they can stop worrying about medical bills and focus on keeping themselves and their families healthy.

​VISIT TYPE                                                                               TRADITIONAL COST                  YOUR COST
Routine office visit                                                                             $150/visit                                    Included
Same day sick/injury visit                                                                  $350/visit                                   Included 

After hours access to Dr. McCoy                                                          Not available                            Included
Annual exam                                                                                   $200                                          Included
Well-woman exam                                                                           $600                                          Included
School physical/Sports physical                                                            $100                                          Included
Chronic disease management (diabetes, hypertension etc.)                      $200/visit                                   Included
Rapid strep                                                                                       $30                                            Included

LAB WORK                                                                               TRADITIONAL COST                  YOUR COST

Annual labs (CBC, CMP, cholesterol, vitamin D, TSH)                            $300 and up                               Included

Urine Culture                                                                                    $50                                            $10

Urinalysis                                                                                         $50                                            Included

IMAGING                                                                                   TRADITIONAL COST                  YOUR COST

Xray with interpretation                                                                    $300                                          $140

MRI                                                                                                 $3000 and up                             $550 (avg.)

CT                                                                                                   $2000 and up                             $375 (avg.)

Ultrasound                                                                                        $1000                                         $220 (avg.)

Mammogram                                                                                    $400                                          $120

MEDICATIONS                                                                          TRADITIONAL COST                  YOUR COST
Lisinopril 10mg                                                                                  Variable                                     $3 / 90-day
Amlodipine 10mg                                                                              Variable                                     $5 / 90-day
Metformin 500mg ER                                                                        Variable                                     $6 / 90-day
Atorvastatin 40mg                                                                            Variable                                     $15 / 90-day
Azithromycin (Z-pack)                                                                       Variable                                    $7 / 5-day

​*Please note, above is a sampling of pricing. 

Modern Medicine, The Old-Fashioned Way 

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"Direct primary care has been a lifesaver for me! So very thankful! Highly recommend Advanced Primary Care!"

"I just love your office. It's so different from anywhere I've been.  It's cozy and I never feel rushed."

"I can't believe how easy it is to reach you.  It was great! You know my history, and I didn't have to leave work or take a day off." 

We welcome you to schedule a free initial consultation, so you can get to know Dr. McCoy. She will review your individual healthcare needs, answer any questions you have about her direct primary care practice, and help you decide if joining her practice is the right decision.

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  • Unlimited office visits
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