(Naltrexone 4mg/Oxytocin 20 IU/Methylcobalamin 0.3mg tablets)

Half tablet by mouth once daily at bedtime; if tolerated progress to one full tablet daily

~Assists in reducing feelings of hunger and curbs appetite

~Aids glucose metabolism, lowers insulin levels and enhanced fat burning

~Decreases inflammation which aids the body in gut health, glucose control and overall health

​Solutions  Program #1

Our programs are uniquely tailored to patient-specific goals.  Weight loss is personal--and we are proud to offer the only customized compounded weight loss medications in the area.  Medications and weight loss supplements (coupled with a low glycemic index meal plan) are utilized to achieve your short-term and long-term goals. The two foundational programs boost your metabolism, improve your glucose metabolism, decrease insulin resistance, and reduce hunger fixation. 


(Phentermine 34mg/Ascorbic Acid 100mg capsule)
One capsule by mouth in the morning

~Assists in reducing feelings of hunger and curbs 

~Enhanced metabolism with improved fat burning and weight loss

~Improved energy, immunity, and free radical eliminator/antioxidant

Solutions  Program #2

~Total body composition analysis, using InBody professional scales 

~Diet, meal, and workout plans


~Nutritional coaching and daily support, affirmations and recommendations 

~Customized, compounded weight loss medications, shipped to your home

~Tracking app and website to guide you each step of the way

Included in the monthly price of $199:

Most patients require a minimum of a 3-month treatment plan to see the highest benefit. Refills can be given as medically required.*  The most successful weight loss programs include accountability and supervision, as well as following a physician-approved meal plan.  These programs are physician-managed, and your physician will help determine which program works best for you.  

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Solutions  Weight Loss Programs



Sermorelin Injectable 300 mcq injection at bedtime, twice weekly 


Lipo-S oral liquid, nightly

MIC injection (weekly fat burning and energy boosters)