What areas of the body can BodyTite be performed on?


Bra Line


Inner/Outer Thighs

In-Mode BodyTite (RFAL) can smooth, firm, and sculpt your body while tightening your skin. The targeted fat is dissolved, after which it can be removed gently, with less risk, no visible scars, and a fast recovery time – and you only need one treatment.

Is there any downtime with BodyTite?

The downtime with BodyTite is minimal, with most patients going back to their usual activities within two to three days, based upon the number of body areas treated. You will need to refrain from exercising for roughly two weeks after your procedure and bruising and swelling will be minimal.

Benefits of a BodyTite Procedure

Unlike traditional liposuction, BodyTite is a great option if you want to undergo a treatment that promises to decrease volume while contracting the skin.

BodyTite is known for its:

Tiny incisions
Minimal scarring
Custom body contouring
Reduced risk of bruising and bleeding
Fast recovery
Excellent skin contraction
Minimal pain, swelling, or trauma

How long does a BodyTite procedure last?

Dr. McCoy will work with you to ensure that the BodyTite procedure resolves loose skin and excess fat, creating a more attractive figure for the long term, with tauter, firmer skin and fatty areas sculpted and remodeled.

BodyTite is performed as in-office procedure.  The treatment is pain-free due to the numbing effect of the injected solution and oral medication to aid in relaxation. 
After a discreet and small incision is made, the InMode BodyTite hand piece is inserted beneath the skin's surface to melt away fatty tissue while thermal and radiofrequency energy is emitted to tighten, “shrink-wrap” and contract the skin.  A friend or family member will transport you home to rest and recover.  You will wear a compression garment to help keep the treated area stable and firm.  while some results are immediately visible, Final result will be gradual, continuing to improve for up to six months to a year.

BodyTite is a state-of-the-art system that will sculpt your body while tightening your skin without being left with loose, hanging skin.


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​BodyTite is a minimally-invasive body contouring procedure that uses radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL) to liquefy and remove fat while stimulating collagen production to simultaneously contract the skin. BodyTite delivers exceptional results, reducing fat without leaving behind saggy, wrinkly skin. BodyTite produces surgical-like results through a minimally-invasive procedure with no large incisional scars.​

​​​​​The Benefits of FaceTite

FaceTite has several advantages over a traditional or mini facelift:

Minimally-invasive: The procedure is performed using only minor incisions and requires only a local anesthetic.
Little downtime: Most patients can return to a reasonable level of activity within 48 hours of the procedure and return to work within three to five days.

Little-to-no-scarring: Because the incisions are tiny, the scarring is minimal and virtually invisible. The small incisions heal rapidly, leaving no evidence behind.

Price:  The cost of Facetite is almost half the cost of a traditional facelift. 

Speed: FaceTite treatments take approximately an hour from start to finish, and you return home the same day.

Areas FaceTite Can Address:

Saggy jowls
Excess skin on the lower face
Stubborn fat underneath the chin
Issues with decreased elastin and collagen production

What is a FaceTite procedure like?

From beginning to end, a FaceTite procedure takes approximately one hour, and you can return home on the same day as your treatment. FaceTite was developed with numerous safeguards to monitor the treatment on your skin, muscles, and fat, which helps to ensure your safety, and achieve excellent results.

Does InMode FaceTite have to be performed under general anesthesia?
FaceTite can be performed as an in-office procedure using only local anesthesia with oral sedation.

Will I have large incisions?

FaceTite is performed through small access points and does not require large incisions like traditional surgery.

How does FaceTite technology work?
A thin probe is inserted just beneath the surface of the skin so thermal energy can be administered to the hidden tissues of the face, while an external electrode is placed above the skin to activate the skin-tightening process. Working in unison, the probe and electrode are slowly moved over the skin, melting fat, tightening skin, and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

How quickly will I see results?
About 30% of the final result is seen within the first week after your procedure is performed. Final results will develop over the course of six months to a year after your FaceTite procedure, as your skin tightens, firms, and improves in quality due to the increase in natural elastin and collagen produced within your skin.

How long will recovery take?

Thanks to the minimally invasive nature of FaceTite treatments, recovery time is fairly short.  Most people return to work three to five days after their procedure.  In general, you may return to a normal level of activity within 48 hours.  Compression wraps will be used to minimize swelling, and excessive pain is extremely rare.  The small incisions heal quickly
Unlike a traditional facelift, FaceTite is a fabulous option if you want fast, safe, and effective results without the downtime.

bodytite and facetite​ inmode procedure costs start at $1,000; packages and financing are available.
Client price will be determined at consultation.  

Bridal Beauty packages are available now!

Mommy makeover packages coming soon!

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​​FaceTite is a minimally-invasive procedure that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to firm the tissue, tighten the skin and stimulate collagen production on the lower face and neck. Facetite is a great option for patients with facial laxity that are looking for a procedure with minimal downtime and those that aren’t ready for a traditional facelift. Facetite is also a great option for patients with excess fullness in the jowl or neck area as Facetite can be combined with liposuction for those that are looking to contour and trim the lower face.

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