Advanced Primary Care

escape the ordinary

​​​​Ages 3 to 17:  $25/month (with at least one adult member)

Ages 18 to 64:  $75/month

Ages 65 and up:  $100/month

Family Plan:  $185/month (two adults and two children; additional children are $20/month)



Direct Access To Your Doctor:                                                         
By phone, email, text, your patient is easy and convenient for you. 

Same-day and Next-day Appointments:
How's that for fast?

Unhurried and Relaxed Visits:     
You will always have time to get your questions answered.                                                     

Annual Physical: 
Personalized care and wellness goals.  

Labs and Imaging:
Complete blood count (CBC), complete metabolic panel (CMP, lipid panel, thyroid test (TSH), and hemoglobin A1c are only $15.00.  Urinalysis is also included with membership; urine cultures are $18.  Additional labs and imaging are available at wholesale costs. 

Routine Office Procedures:     
As a family medicine office, we perform wart/mole/cyst/skin tag removals and biopsies*, breathing treatments, ear irrigation, Pap smears, and EKGs.  These will be performed at deeply discounted costs.  

Well Child Exams:
These are included for members, however we currently don't provide pediatric immunizations.  Please contact your local health department or local pharmacy (if you have health insurance).