​Looking for a way to save money yet provide benefits to your employees?  Looking for ways to support employee retention?  Our Direct Primary Care services can be added as a standalone option as a medical benefit or integrated with a health insurance plan.  We can help customize a direct primary care package that is tailored to each employer's needs.  Call us at 606-831-6168 for more information. 

Would direct primary care just be an added cost to our plan?
DPC should be viewed as an investment that will provide a return when your company finds that the need for more expensive downstream healthcare services, like hospitalization, ER, specialist care, and pharmaceutical costs are reduced in response to highly accessible and high-functioning primary care.
​Consider adding Advanced Primary Care memberships for your employees.  By offering same-day or next-day appointments, high quality and convenient primary care to your employees, we can help reduce absenteeism and expensive Urgent Care or ER visits.  We also focus on prevention and wellness which decreases sick days and adds to the productivity of your company. 

How is this different than an on-site clinic?
A traditional on-site clinic continues to bill the insurance plan in addition to charging an annual fee. Many onsite clinics are “behind the fence” and don’t allow spouses/dependents to access care. Also, many have traditional business hours and don’t offer after-hours access.

How will the plan work? 
Direct Primary Care Services are available as a standalone option or integrated with a health insurance plan.  DPC can also be paid for with HSAs. We offer discounts to employers who sign up 5 or more employees.  All employees (patients) receive the same benefits: Unlimited office visits, telemedicine visits, access to physician around the clock, routine labs included up to four times a year, wholesale prices on generic medications, labs and imaging.  Employers pay APC once monthly; they can pay for medical benefit entirely for employee or pay a percentage and payroll deduct; entirely up to them.  By providing comprehensive quality primary care, unnecessary Urgent Care and/or ER visits are drastically decreased.     

Average for all Direct Primary Care practices, currently:
Decrease in hospitalizations: 35%
Decrease in specialist utilization: 40%
Decrease in pharmacy costs: 45%
Expensive diagnostic tests: down 50%
Emergency Room utilization: down 65%

Will the service decrease health plan utilization? 
Direct Primary Care helps absorb some of the more expensive aspects of health insurance that employees utilize.  For example, the insurance plan isn’t billed for labs, office visits and unnecessary UC or ER visits.  Employees can opt to pay much, much less out of pocket for an image, especially if they haven’t met their deductible, and the health plan doesn’t absorb that cost either.  Many times medications are dispensed in-office and patient pays out of pocket; likewise, we also assist patients in applying for aid with expensive non-generic medications. 

Will the service create a greater employee self-awareness of their own health issues? How? 
By coming on-site to provide educational talks combined with on-site visits, employees gain increased access to medical information and more importantly, a physician they feel comfortable talking with.  We also promote employees becoming better healthcare consumers, so they understand more of what things cost, as well as what sorts of things drive the cost of insurance up, especially at renewal time. By having direct access to their physician, they won’t be as likely to wait until an illness progresses to the point that specialists and hopefully hospitalizations aren’t needed. 

Are medical on-site services part of a formal wellness plan? Are wellness plans of this type regulated just like formal wellness plans? 
We cater to each employer’s needs, and if there is a formal wellness plan required as part of the health insurance plan, we will help the employees complete it; including on-site lab draws. 

Do employees have to give up their current primary care physician?
Employees do not need to give up their current PCP.

As an employer, you can offer Advanced Primary Care memberships to your employees as part of their benefits package, with or without incorporating health insurance plans.  Our memberships are affordable and flexible and may be paid partially or in full by the employer OR they can be paid by the employee.  ​

In addition to comprehensive primary care services, we provide ​comprehensive workplace health services, including:
Pre-employment and routine employment physicals
DOT physicals with and without drug screens, including MRO services
Hair, saliva, urine, breath alcohol and post-incident testing
Pulmonary function and respirator fit testing
Lead levels, MMR and Varicella titers
TB skin testing
Chest and lumbar x-rays
Flat rates for Workers Comp visits for minor work-related injuries



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Monthly Membership Fees

Membership Benefits

Direct Access To Your Doctor                                                         

By phone, email, text, your patient portal...                                       

it is easy and convenient for you. 

Same-day and Next-day Appointments

How's that for fast?

Unhurried and Relaxed Visits     

You will always have time to get your questions answered.                                                     

Annual Physical 

Personalized care and wellness goals.  

Labs and Imaging

Complete blood count (CBC), complete metabolic panel (CMP, lipid panel, thyroid test (TSH), and hemoglobin A1c are included in your membership, up to four times a year.  Urinalysis is also included with membership; urine cultures are $10.  Additional labs and imaging are available to 

Routine Office Procedures     

Wart/mole/cyst/skin tag removals and biopsies*, breathing treatments, pulmonary function tests, ear irrigation, Pap smears*, and EKG.  These will be performed at deeply discounted costs.  

Well Child Exams

These are included for members, however we currently don't provide pediatric immunizations.  Please contact your local health department or local pharmacy (if you have health insurance).  



Advanced Primary Care

At Advanced Primary Care, we are committed to providing outstanding patient care, without billing insurance or inflating lab costs. Your monthly membership includes a wide range of medical services, without any copays or additional fees. We also work incredibly hard to obtain affordable pricing for services that need to be handled outside our office. We share these wholesale prices with our patients, so that they can stop worrying about medical bills and focus on keeping themselves and their families healthy.

Ages 3 to 17:  $25/month (with at least one adult member)

Ages 18 to 40:  $55/month

Ages 41 to 64:  $65/month 

Ages 65 and up:  $75/month

Family Plan:  $150/month (two adults and two children; additional children are discounted at $20/month)