What Our Patients Are Saying:

"It has been a lifesaver for me! So very thankful! Highly recommend Advanced Primary Care!"


 "I just love your office.  It's so different from anywhere I've been.  It's cozy, and I never feel rushed."   

 "I can't believe how easy it is to reach you.  It was great! You know my history, and I didn't have to leave work or take a day off."  

Phone:  606-831-6168

Advanced primary care

Are you paying too much for your prescription meds? We pass along wholesale costs on medications to our patients, when possible.  We also dispense in the office, saving you a trip to the pharmacy.  


Our mission is to provide comprehensive, quality primary care that is affordable, personalized and convenient. Best of all, insurance is not required.   

No co-pays ever.  No per-visit charges.  Routine labs and basic office procedures included.  Discounted prices on medications, labs, and imaging.  Call us to see how much we can save you. 

It's all about you

The Tri-State's Only Direct Primary Care Practice



rx prices 

With unlimited office, phone, video, text and email visits as well as around the clock access to your physician, our practice is uniquely tailored to you. 

how much will you


Listen to Dr. McCoy's radio interview on Direct Primary Care on the Tom Roten Show on 800 WVHU.