14 February 2022

APC named Legendary Partner by Children's Advocacy Centers of KY

 Wellness Programs

To keep your experience personal, we can only take a limited number of patients.  Click the button below:

We are committed to providing outstanding patient care, without billing insurance. Your low monthly membership fee includes a wide range of medical services, without copays--ever. 

30 October 2019

APC opens second location in Huntington

1 September 2020

APC opens new office location in Ashland

Our approach is to identify the cause of your difficulty in losing weight and treat the underlying cause. If your hormones are not balanced, no amount of diet and exercise is going to get you to your goals. Let us help you optimize your health and wellness, 

  • Unlimited office visits
  • Extended access to your physician through phone, email, telehealth and patient portal
  • Routine lab panel only $15.00
  • Relaxed 30 to 60 minute appointments

The DPC Difference

6 April 2018

Dr. McCoy on The Tom Roten Show


DPC is a model of healthcare that puts patients first by working for patients, not insurance companies. Empowering this relationship is the key to achieving superior health outcomes, lower costs and an enhanced patient experience

"Direct primary care has been a lifesaver for me! So very thankful! Highly recommend Advanced Primary Care!"




"I can't believe how easy it is to reach you.  It was great! You know my history, and I didn't have to leave work or take a day off." 


"I just love your office. It's so different from anywhere I've been.  It's cozy and I never feel rushed."


The Lives We Impact

"If you’re looking for a phenomenal family doctor, if you’re self-employed, or an employer looking for a way to provide your employees affordable, accessible, comprehensive health services, you definitely need to check out Dr. Lori McCoy at Advanced Primary Care. Their newest office is located at the gorgeous The Edge Business Center in Russell (they also have an office in Huntington). I became a patient of Dr. McCoy’s after my sister and her girls started seeing Dr. McCoy and using her unique direct primary care model for her family and her employees. As a self-employed businesswoman, insurance coverage was outrageously expensive and seemed to barely cover any costs for her and the girls. She is also able to offer her employees this resource which covers an array of workplace health necessities, and preventative health and wellness services which keep her employees healthy without the exorbitant expense they might otherwise incur without insurance or expensive coverage options.
I LOVE Dr. McCoy and her staff. They are so genuinely warm, caring, and thorough. I LOVE the option of being able to text anytime I have a question, need a refill or an appointment. I’ve always received a quick response and guidance. The office is attentive and prompt in every way. They are so accommodating—always willing to work me in at times convenient for my work schedule. They provide well-visits and run labs which are included in the membership costs.  They offer comprehensive healthcare in one office and I’m grateful to be a patient! I have good insurance coverage through work for my family and we STILL choose Dr. McCoy and save money by using Advanced Primary Care. Give them a call and let Teresa or Alona talk to you about what they have to offer and how their program works. I promise it’s a different and better experience than anything else you’ve tried before."



16 December 2019

APC wins national "Hero of Healthcare" award

1 August 2021

APC partners with national Rx drug program


8 October 2017

APC opens first office location in Flatwoods