Advanced Primary Care

escape the ordinary

Having health insurance is not the same as having health care. 

At Advanced Primary Care, we are committed to providing outstanding patient care, without billing insurance.  Most of our patients have health insurance, but it is not required at our office.  Our practice is a membership model, like Netflix or Sam's club  Your monthly membership includes a wide range of medical services, without any copays or additional fees. We also work incredibly hard to obtain affordable pricing for services that need to be handled outside our office. We share these wholesale prices with our patients, so that they can stop worrying about medical bills and focus on keeping themselves and their families healthy.  Direct Primary Care is for everyone. 
What is Direct Primary Care?
​DPC is a model of healthcare that puts patients first by working for patients, not insurance companies.  Your doctor is employed by YOU.  Patients pay a monthly membership fee for which the physician provides their professional service.  Patients have a direct relationship with their doctor!  It means treating the patient when it is needed and not rushing through appointments.  It means being proactive with healthcare treatment plans.  By cutting out the middleman, a direct primary care clinic works directly with the patient to provide labs, imaging and prescription medications at wholesale or deeply discounted prices.  There are never any co-pays.  DPC IS NOT ONLY FOR PATIENTS WITHOUT HEALTH INSURANCE--IT'S FOR EVERYONE! This model of care allows the two people most invested in your health (you and your doctor) to be in control of your primary health care. DPC practices are in 48 states.  

​Who is Advanced Primary Care?
We are the area's first direct primary care practice.  We offer comprehensive primary care services that are affordable, personalized and convenient.  Our goal is to put the focus back on you, the patient, and save you money in the process.  We want to return family medicine to its roots and values of clinical excellence and compassionate knowledge of every patient. 

I have good insurance.  How would paying a membership fee help me save money?
Familiarize yourself with what you've been paying for health care.  How much is taken out of your paycheck?  How much is your monthly premium? What is your co-pay for office visits?  What is your deductible? How much did you spend on health care for your family last year?  It may surprise you what you've already been paying.  Direct primary care works best with a lower premium, higher deductible health insurance plan. Sometimes our patients pay out of pocket for labs, meds and imaging because it's cheaper than meeting their deductible!

Will I benefit from being a patient of Advanced Primary Care if I don't require frequent medical attention?

Of course! We think everyone can benefit from a service tailored directly to them.  We believe in the long run you will save money when compared to traditional co-pay and per-visit fees.  We also believe patients benefit from the opportunity of un-rushed visits and aim to have a comprehensive knowledge of your health in a doctor-patient relationship that is not available in other practices. 

Do you accept health insurance?
No.  Our model of care is centered on a direct and personal relationship between you and your doctor.  We are able to take care of the vast majority of your primary care needs without billing your insurance.  Just like you don't utilize your car insurance to pay for oil changes, you shouldn't have to utilize your health insurance for most primary care needs. Again, most of our patients have insurance; you just don't need it in our office!

As a patient, will I still need health insurance?
Absolutely.  We recommend patients have a health insurance plan with a higher deductible and lower premium and, if possible, a health savings account should a hospitalization or referral to a specialist be required. 

If I have Medicare can I still join?
Yes! You need only sign a one-time waiver, stating neither you nor Dr. McCoy will directly bill Medicare for her services.  Medicare will still cover any laboratory testing, imaging, referrals, medications or hospitalizations prescribed by our office. 

Can I contact you after hours? How?
Absolutely yes!  Because injuries and illness often don't respect routine office hours, you may call Dr. McCoy during the day, evening or weekends.  If you prefer, you may also use our secure patient portal to access your medical record and then email her.  Of course, true emergencies arise and should be addressed in the Emergency Room.  Otherwise, Dr. McCoy hopes to spare you (and your wallet) an ER or Urgent Care visit for non-emergent issues​.

What if I need medical attention while I'm away from home?
Because we will know you well, we can streamline your care when you are sick and away from home.  Many illnesses can be diagnosed and treated with a simple conversation by phone, text, email or webcam visit.  If necessary, we will locate the nearest pharmacy and prescribe the medication most appropriate for your circumstances. 

Are my medical records ever shared with insurance carriers or pharmaceutical companies?

We maintain scrupulous standards of privacy.  We are never obligated to provide any third party with a copy of your records unless you specifically ask us to do so. 

How will I know if this primary care model or Dr. McCoy is right for me?
Come get to know us! Schedule a free, unconditional visit to discuss your healthcare needs.  It's the only reasonable way to begin what we trust will be a long, productive, healthy relationship.